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Who can benefit from Physiotherapy?

Anyone with a painful condition resulting from sport, work, motor vehicle accidents, disease, surgical procedures, or activities of daily living would likely benefit from physiotherapy.

How long will I need to see a Physiotherapist?

It depends on the condition. Mild strains or sprains tend to recover quickly (weeks) while severe muscle or ligament injuries may require a more lengthy recovery time (months). Chronic conditions such as arthritis or osteoporosis may only require monthly follow-ups with a therapist. However, each person recovers at a different rate. After observing and assessing your injury, a physiotherapist will be able to estimate the length of time required for full recovery.

Do I need a doctor’s referral to see a Physiotherapist?

No. Physiotherapists are primary healthcare providers which mean no referrals are required. However, if treatments are to be covered by ICBC or WCB, a referral is necessary before payments will be released.

Will ICBC or WCB cover my therapy?

They can. Injuries sustained from a motor vehicle accident, or while at work, require assessment from a physician to determine if the injuries would benefit from physiotherapy. If so, your physician will write a referral to physiotherapy.

How soon I can get an appointment?

Within 24 hours, unless it is an injury that has just occurred, we will see you within a few hours.

What all payment methods you accept?

We accept Interac(Debit), Visa, Mastercard, American express and Cash.