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Concussion Rehab

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Concussion Rehab

Concussion Assessment & Rehabilitation

Concussion can occur after mild to severe head trauma. The signs and symptoms of concussion can be varied and can include mild headache to severe cognitive functional loss.

At Vigor Physiotherapy we offer the assessment and rehabilitation of people with concussion.

Do I require a concussion assessment?

If you answer YES to any of the below effects following a head contact you will benefit from concussion assessment. If after your head trauma it was reported that you had any of the following:

A dazed or vacant look

Lying motionless on the ground/ slow to get up

Unsteady on feet/balance problems or falling over / incoordination

Loss of consciousness or responsiveness

Impaired balance, lack of confidence with mobility and falls


More emotional/irritable than normal

Grabbing or clutching their head

Symptoms of concussion:



Mental clouding, confusion or feeling slowed down

Visual problems

Nausea or vomiting

Fatigue/ Drowsiness

Pressure in the head

Sensitivity to light or noise

What is concussion:

Disturbance or injury to the brain or surrounding tissue. Changes in brain structure, pathways and ultimately function. Normally following contact to the head or elsewhere on the body that shakes the brain inside your head

The role of Vigor Physiotherapy in concussion treatment and management.

Physiotherapists can be an integral part of the concussion recovery process. Assessment includes a battery of tests to address the potential causes of symptoms (both acute and chronic), which may be present following concussion. These include assessment and treatment of the:

Visual system


Vestibular system

Cervical spine (neck) joints and musculature

Cardiovascular system

Education and advice regarding:

Return to activity and return to sport



The nature and mechanism of concussion

Up to date research

No referral is required to see a physio for orthopaedic and sports injury rehabilitation.